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 According to my point of view, the lady of all ladies, women, royalty, princesses etc. is inspiring Lady Diana. A woman and a half! It is a pity that today she is not among the alive. However, fashion gurus, top designers, journalists, writers, publishers are still interested in her noble personality. Me too. That`s why, in [...]
Hello, stylish readers! Today I will talk about a different lifestyle magazine that truly impressed me, and there were not even shoes and dresses on the pages (I am sure that women understand my puzzlement?). That is Biograph. I found by accident about the edition of an interview with its Marketing Manager – Svetlyo Kantardzhiev, who analysed [...]
Коко Шанел бе казала, че модата отминава, но стилът остава. Аз бих добавила, че всяка съвременна жена с вкус и отношение км външния си вид се стреми да бъде винаги модерна в стила си и непреходна в избора си на дрехи, чанта, обувки, аксесоари, прическа и т.н. Трудно, нали? Всъщност, не съвсем, защото на помощ идват медиите, [...]