An enjoyable surprise from Svetlyo Kantardzhiev and Biograph Magazine

Hello, stylish readers!
Today I will talk about a different lifestyle magazine that truly impressed me, and there were not even shoes and dresses on the pages (I am sure that women understand my puzzlement?). That is Biograph.
I found by accident about the edition of an interview with its Marketing Manager – Svetlyo Kantardzhiev, who analysed the advertising market in Bulgaria but that is other topic.
So, Biograph touched me because of telling interesting stories about the world around us, being fascinating written, not scandalous: every story inside is real.
In my opinion, in Bulgaria there is a shortage of quality publications and an excess of so-called „tabloids?. As far as I am aware, in the Scandinavian countries there are no media like these. Britain people have a similar approach, introducing strict restrictions on publications associated with the famous names. Coincidentally, naked photos of Kate Middleton have never been printed in the England press.
I strongly recommend Biograph to all of you who want to escape the gossip mentality of most Bulgarian newspapers and magazines but who are interested in popular persons and events.
The magazine can be found at the beginning of every month so I expect more news for the rich, famous and stylish stars.

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